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Outdoor Kitchen & Living Area in Little Elm

Our customer in Little Elm had a very specific and unique idea for how they envisioned their backyard space. The patio cover in this project is considered a “shed-style” or “lean-to” patio cover, however this one is unique because you don’t typically see this style of patio cover extend out from the house so far. The patio cover portion of this project was challenging due to the unique request. Susanda, one of our seasoned project managers, accepted the challenge and put together a beautiful design that not only fit the homeowners’ vision, but is also structurally sound. We love the customer’s idea for the creative use of their backyard space, and this outdoor kitchen and living area turned out beautifully!

Outdoor Living Area Project Includes:

  1. Food Preparation Area- Austin Chalk Chopped Stone Bar. Natural Leuderstone French Vanilla countertop. Stainless steel BBQ grill with grilling supply cabinets. Blaze Stainless steel refrigerator. Stainless steel beverage cooler. Two electrical outlets.

  2. Patio Cover- Western Red Cedar posts, rafters, & ceiling. Composite shingles to match existing roof. 4 recessed lights & 2 ceiling fans.

  3. Patio- stamped and sealed concrete.

  4. Privacy Wall- Austin Chalk Chopped Stone.

  5. Television Cabinet- Western Red Cedar.

Expectation vs Reality

The customer provided us with a picture of what they were looking for and told us their budget. Susanda worked with them on a design that was a close as possible to the picture while remaining within their budget. The finished product looks amazing, and very similar to the concept. All they need now is some furniture, plants, and a few finishing touches!

The Design

The Finished Product


Stamped Patio

Patio Cover

Outdoor Kitchen

Grill Area

New Patio Cover

TV Cabinet on Patio

Patio Cover


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