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Pergolas & Arbors

Add beauty, shade and comfort to any backyard. Our Pergolas & Arbors are expertly designed and custom built with only the finest western red cedar and finished to perfection.


Choose a style.

Enhance the beauty of your backyard.


Adding beauty & shade.

A Pergola is a backyard structure consisting of columns that support a grid of beams and rafters. The rafters and beams of a pergola, unlike a Patio Cover, are left open to create a shaded area that still allows in plenty of light. Pergolas may be freestanding or attached to a house.


Great for landscaping.

An Arbor is a landscaping structure very similar to a Pergola, but there are differences between the two. Arbors date back to early Egyptian and Roman gardens and were used throughout Europe by the late 16th century. They may be built with more elaborate designs such as stone columns, corbels or decorative trim.

Cover Your Pergola

Add a transparent cover to your Pergola to help shield your patio space from rain, hail and harmful UV rays while still enjoying natural light.


When adding a cover to your Pergola, you'll also enjoy temperature reduction of up to 15 degrees and your outdoor patio space will be protected from the elements. 


Inspiration Gallery

Take a look at some of the Pergolas we've built in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. See something you like? Let us know!

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