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Complete Patio Remodel in Frisco

A Unique Covered Patio Space & Outdoor Kitchen

Our customer in Frisco had a backyard and patio area with a lot of potential. They wanted a covered patio space that also included an outdoor kitchen. Also, given the space of the patio, they wanted to make sure it had plenty of natural light.  That’s where we come in…

Taking a look at the scope of the project

  1. Create a completely new and larger patio space, including a patio cover.

  2. Use licensed electricians to run electrical for the installation of ceiling fan and recessed lighting.

  3. Add an outdoor kitchen that incorporates an existing Big Green Egg Grill.

  4. Add skylights to the patio cover to allow for natural light within the patio space.


Before Photos


Finished Project

Our customer in Frisco now has an expanded patio area, including covered patio space with natural light! And take a look at this outdoor kitchen area.


Interested in learning more?

If you would like to schedule a free in-house consultation, please complete the form on the side of this page. You may also call us at 972-974-3515 to set up your consultation, or if you have any questions regarding your project.


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