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Outdoor Fireplace, Patio Cover & Grill Station w/ Patio in Prosper

This project in Prosper that we recently completed was designed by Austin. The patio cover is a “full finish” patio cover meaning it has been trimmed out and painted to match the exterior of the home. The fireplace has a custom cedar mantel, and an outlet above where a TV can be hung. A built in stainless steel grill and custom grill station with stone countertops was added to make outdoor cooking easy and convenient.

Taking a look at the scope of the project

  1. Full Finish patio cover built with western red cedar and finished out with painted “smart board.”

  2. Concrete patio, stamped colored & sealed

  3. Gas fireplace with cedar mantel and outlet for tv

  4. Stone grill station with stainless steel gas grill, stone countertops, & outlet


Before Photos

Our customer in Prosper had a beautifully landscaped yard and a beautiful fence, they just did not have very much patio space to use to enjoy their beautiful yard. Prior to this project, their patio was overcrowded, and they had a traditional grill to cook on, but not much space to prepare food.


The Design

One thing to note about our designs, is that our design team is very detailed when it comes to the 3D virtual designs. We don’t just use a generic template to give you an idea of what your project will look like, we show you EXACTLY what it will look like. Our design team designs your project meticulously, by first building a replica of your existing property based on your property survey and photos taken by the project manager. We then virtually build your project board by board, almost like we would in real life so that you can see what it will look like, so that our contractors are all on the same page, and so that are material orders are accurate with as little waste as possible.

Take a look at these design photos compared them to the finished product: 


Finished Project

Now our customer has plenty of space for patio furniture, a wall to hang an outdoor TV on, a built in grill with counter space, and a covered area that will allow them to enjoy their beautiful backyard in most any weather.


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