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Preparing Your Outdoor Living Space for Spring

Spring is coming! Soon it will be time to enjoy your outdoor living space, but is your patio ready? Be sure to follow these three steps to not only make your outdoor living space more aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for relaxation and entertainment!

Patio Space
  1. Clean and De-Clutter:

  • Begin by thoroughly cleaning your outdoor space. Sweep away debris, hose down surfaces, and consider pressure washing if needed.

  • While you're cleaning, check for any damage to your patio cover, pergola, support beams or masonry. If you need any repairs, be sure to contact us.

  • Clear out any leftover leaves, sticks, or winter debris from the lawn, garden beds, and patio.

  • De-clutter the area by removing any unnecessary items or furniture that may have accumulated over the winter.

  1. Gardening and Landscaping:

  • Trim and prune plants, bushes, and trees to encourage healthy growth and maintain a neat appearance.

  • Consider planting seasonal flowers or adding fresh mulch to garden beds for a burst of color.

  • Assess the health of your lawn, reseed if necessary, and fertilize to promote lush green growth.

  1. Furniture Refresh and Arrangement:

  • Clean and inspect outdoor furniture for any damage or wear.

  • Rearrange your outdoor furniture to create functional and inviting seating areas. Consider the flow of traffic and views.

  • Enhance comfort with the addition of outdoor cushions, pillows, or throws. Consider updating these elements for a fresh look.

By focusing on cleaning, landscaping, and refreshing your outdoor furniture, you can create an appealing and comfortable space to enjoy the season and beyond.


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