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Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Winter

The winter months are quickly approaching! It is time to consider preparing your outdoor living space for the winter. The good new is that it doesn't have to be a complicated process.

Here are three easy steps to get your outdoor space ready for the colder winter months:

Winter Patio

Clean and De-clutter
  • Begin by removing any leaves, debris, or clutter from your outdoor space. Clear off outdoor furniture, planters, and decorative items. Cleaning and de-cluttering will not only make your space look neater but also help prevent mold or damage from trapped moisture.

Protect Your Furniture and Outdoor Accessories
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture, cushions, and pillows. If storage isn't an option, consider using weatherproof covers to protect them from the elements. Elevate furniture off the ground to prevent moisture damage.

  • Store or secure lightweight items and decorations that can be damaged or blown away in strong winds.

  • If you have outdoor rugs, consider rolling them up and store them indoors to prevent moisture damage and extend their lifespan.

Perform Essential Maintenance and Winterization
  • Check for any damaged or deteriorating structures, such pergolas, patio covers or outdoor kitchens. Make necessary repairs to prevent further damage during the winter.

  • Turn off outdoor water sources, drain hoses, and consider insulating or covering outdoor faucets to prevent freezing and damage to pipes.

  • Consider adding walkway lighting or outdoor heating elements to enhance the usability of your outdoor space during the winter months.

These three easy steps will help you protect your outdoor living space from the harsh effects of winter and make it easier to enjoy once the warmer weather returns in a few months.


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