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Beautiful Backyard Living Named Best of Business by Frisco STYLE Magazine

2023 Best of Business | Serving Customers

“Serving customers is the cornerstone of success for any business, and putting customer’s needs at the forefront of business operations provides countless opportunities to generate customer satisfaction and growth. Businesses that put customer service above all else seek relationships, gratification, and an overall appreciation for jobs well done and meeting customers’ needs. Bobby Cravens and the team at Beautiful Backyard Living put customers first day in and day out and are the recipients of Frisco STYLE’s Best of Business in Serving Customers.

The Team

Twelve years ago, owner Bobby Cravens threw caution to the wind, quit his job in Corporate America, and cashed out his 401K. Leveraging his experience in business with a mindset of continuous improvement, Mr. Cravens started Beautiful Backyard Living with little to no money and no real industry experience but with a passion for designing and building outdoor living environments. “After working countless hours seven days a week for several years, I’m proud to have grown Beautiful Backyard Living as a company to provide my family, employees and over 25 subcontractors a way to earn a living for themselves and their families,” Mr. Cravens explains.

Mr. Cravens believes that serving one’s customers isn’t simply about being friendly, but a strategic imperative designed to formulate bonds and trust. He explains, “It’s the foundation of long-term success by driving loyalty, brand reputation, revenue growth, and adaptability in an ever-changing business landscape. Our focus on customer service has been and always will be crucial for Beautiful Backyard Living to thrive and succeed.”

By embracing a familial approach and being transparent with customers, the team at Beautiful Backyard Living has created a unique and trustworthy brand identity that resonates with homeowners. Mr. Cravens says this approach helps them build lasting relationships, instill confidence, and differentiate Beautiful Backyard Living within a competitive market.

Mr. Cravens and his staff know and understand well that loving to serve their customers is about finding personal satisfaction in the impact they have on their lives. Given that the team completes projects that are ultimately large parts of customers’ lives, he says there is no better reward than rejoicing with customers when projects are complete. “They know they made a sound investment choosing Beautiful Backyard Living as their contractor, and this satisfaction ensures the success of our business over the long term. It’s also about valuing the relationships we’ve built and the contributions made to the well-being of our customers and our own professional growth.”

Original Article Sourced from Frisco STYLE Magazine.


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