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Creatively Designed Pergola in Aubrey

In addition to a new concrete patio, our customer in Aubrey was dead set on having her pergola built according to the design that she had in mind. She had three patio cover companies come out, and they all three told her that what she was wanting was not possible. Then she called Beautiful Backyard Living, and got in touch with Susanda. Susanda went to her home to meet with her, and knew that this project would be complicated because of the location of one of the windows. She came back to the office and consulted with other project managers, and put together a very creative solution to the design issue.

The design involved bypassing the window by installing a ledger on both sides of the window, and running the rafters for the pergola to both of the ledgers. Our customer was very excited that she was going to get exactly what she wanted, and the project turned out looking amazing! We love the vision she had for her backyard, and were very happy to be able to bring it to life for her! Great job Susanda!


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