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Full Finish Gable Style Patio Cover in Plano, Texas

Custom Patio Cover Addition in Plano, TX.

Taking a look at the scope of the project

Beautiful Backyard Living has completed yet another incredible residential patio, in Plano, TX.  233 Square Feet of added outdoor living space.  Air temperature under the patio cover is approximately 10 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.  Our customer is extremely happy and provided a 5-Star Review.

  1. BBL designed and built an attached gabled style patio cover in Plano, TX.

  2. The cover is 233 SF over an existing pool deck

  3. Our licensed electrician ran electrical for the installation of a ceiling fan and lighting.

  4. Designed by Bobby Cravens

{Patio build: Design Photos}

Click an image for full size

{Patio build: Final Photos}

Our mission statement:

We will honorably and ethically use our company’s resources, talents and capabilities to optimize the value of the company for our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and communities.

For all Plano, Tx residents, come check out some of our recent projects, visit the “Galleries” tab on the homepage of our website. There you can find design videos, project videos, and photos of all of our projects. If you would like to schedule a free in-house consultation, please fill out the online inquiry form located on the home page of our website as well. You may also call us @ 972-974-3515 to set up your consultation, or if you have any questions regarding your project!


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